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Service Panel Upgrades & Repairs

Keeping your service panel up-to-date is important as the electrical needs of our devices change. If your panel is 20 years or older, you should have it looked at. If your panel is made by Federal Pacific, it should be replaced as these panels are responsible for 2400 fires per year. GRT Electric of Long Beach, California, can provide both service panel upgrades and panel repairs.

Why Upgrade Or Repair?

Over time, the current traveling through your service panel can wear the materials. Older panels will wear down, pit, and eventually have electrical arcs. These arcs can cause fires or bodily harm. Additionally, new devices have different power requirements than old devices, and an upgraded panel can help ensure that your modern home has the power it needs and even help you save power. Today's panels have more dedicated circuits because modern homes have more devices and require more power. Keeping up with that demand requires newer panels that can handle the loads.

Electrical Panel

How To Tell If You Need Panel Work

Take a look at the front of your panel and see if it looks new. Next, look in the panel for dust and dirt. If you see debris or the panel looks aged, you may need a new panel or panel repairs. Our team can take a look at the breakers and other components to ensure they're in good order. You can prolong the life of your breaker box by making a habit of flipping breakers off and on once a year.

When you call us to look at your panel, we'll schedule an appointment. Once we've had a chance to inspect your panel, we'll make an honest recommendation about whether you should simply have some minor work done or go for a full service panel upgrade. You'll know everything that needs to be done, including an estimate of the final cost. If you accept our estimate, we'll setup a date to begin and arrive promptly to get the job done.

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Stay Safe With Panel Upgrades & Repairs