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Hawaiian Gardens Car Charging Station Installs

Congratulations! You just bought an exciting new Electric Vehicle (EV). You'll soon be reducing your fuel expense AND your environmental footprint. And if you want to reduce range anxiety and time wasted at a public charging station, you will want to install one at home. But first, you need to make sure that your home is ready for your EV charging needs.

You spent enough money on your valuable EV. Don't overspend on the installation of your charger.  Your electric vehicle saves you money, it's better for the environment, and it's nice and quiet. Occasionally, though, charging it can be cumbersome and slow, especially if you have big plans. Don't wait all day for your car to charge! At GRT Electric of Anaheim, California, we install upgraded 240-Volt car charging stations, ensuring faster charging.

Benefits of a Electric Car Charging Station

  • Cutting out the middle man saves you time AND money
  • Wake up every morning with a fully charged vehicle
  • Sleep well knowing that your car is helping to save the environment
  • No more inconvenient stopping at the gas station

Full-Service, Fast

Your car charger will be  fully installed for you. We'll run the conduit and wires to the right place, install the correct outlet, and mount the fast car charging station. We'll even include a new breaker to ensure there are no problems at all. We install 240 volt car chargers from 40 amps all the way up to 100 amps for the fastest car charge possible.

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Licensed Electrician in Hawaiian Gardens, California

Trust your car charging station install, panel upgrades and electrical needs  to GRT Electric, a licensed, full-service electrical contractor in Hawaiian Gardens, California. We have the experience and skill to ensure your family or business is safe from the inherent hazards of electricity and we install car charging stations and panels.

Our electricians provide panel upgrades and repair, run power for Jacuzzis, lighting, outlets,  install electric car charging stations, and other electrical services. We also offer full-service electrical troubleshooting and repair services any time you're having electrical troubles for all residential and light commercial clients.

License ID #954024 (C-10 Electrical)

Popular Electric Car Charging Stations

You may have a charger or you need to choose one, either way we can help you find the best solution to fit your space and budget.

The Tesla Wall Connector has been updated to a third generation. Charge at home, anytime. The Tesla Wall Connector 3rd generation provides a full charge overnight for every homeowner. With customized power settings, the lightweight design allows for versatile indoor/outdoor use, including a range of electrical systems and mounting options.

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The ChargePoint Home electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) charges all SAE J1772-compliant vehicles including both electric vehicle (EV) models like the Nissan LEAF or BMW i3 and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models like the Chevy Volt or Ford Fusion Energi.

The ChargePoint Home is absolutely one of the best designed, user-friendly, functioning and exclusively networked – wifi enabled – electric car home charging stations on the market. ChargePoint is one of the only companies inside the EVSE industry with a 100% focus on EV charging and it definitely shows. 

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juice box charger

The JuiceBox 40 is a high power, fast and compact electric car charger with advanced WiFi internet control and smart grid features. The JuiceBox portable charging station automatically adjusts to provide just as much power as your electric vehicle is able to accept, up to 40 amps for much faster charging than a standard wall outlet charger. And the JuiceBox 40 is portable if you have multiple locations you travel to that need high speed electric car charging.

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clipper creek

The ClipperCreek LCS-20 electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) charges all SAE J1772-compliant vehicles including both electric vehicle (EV) models like the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models like the Chevy Volt and Ford Fusion Energi.

The ClipperCreek LCS-20 is one of the most powerful, yet compact designed, user-friendly EVSEs on the market. As a uniquely designed and functioning EVSE, the ClipperCreek LCS-20 represents a product that’s born out of one of the few companies in the industry with a 100% focus on EV charging. 

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We are proud to say that we score a 4.9 out of 5 on Google Business Reviews!

Had them upgrade my main panel and solar for my house. What a top notch job they did, on the day of main panel they ran into problems, even as it got dark out they kept working to get the power back on. About 9:30, 12 hours after starting he got the lights back on, then called it a day, then next day at 7am they where back to finish up. Truly a 10 star company

- Smart Shading

five stars

I’ve used GRT Electric on several occasions and couldn’t be happier! Rich is great at his profession and is very sensitive to his customer’s needs. Because I live in a home built in 1914, Rich took extra steps to ensure that there was no possibility of issues. After Rich upgraded my electrical panel, I’ve had him back twice to install two car chargers. I highly recommend GRT Electric for ALL your electrical needs.

- Doug

five stars

If you need an electrician, call Rich. He is responsive, knows his stuff, does the job right the first time and provides great value. He has done two jobs for me. He fixed some minor electrical issues at my home, then did a major job at my work replacing over 100 light florscent fixtures with led fixtures. This resulted in much improved lighting and lower electrical costs. We couldn't be happier and will contact him the next time we have a need.

- Bob

five stars

GRT electric has done work for me more than once. It was fast and affordable.  When it comes to electricians. Trust is as important as quality.  And there’s nobody you can trust for quality and professionalism more than Richard at GRT electric. Best prices and best service go hand-in-hand with professionalism.

- J Camacho

five stars

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About Us

GRT Electric was founded by Richard Tobin, an electrician with more than 16 years of professional experience. He started back when he was in college and a neighbor directed him toward electrical work. His experience comes from years of work in high-rise buildings and shopping centers. Today, we work with residential and light commercial establishments looking for an electrical contractor that can provide great quality, timely work, and a dependable team.
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